December 2012


All prices displayed on ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. Web Pages are in CANADIAN Dollars unless otherwise stated. ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. makes every attempt to ensure correct and current information regarding our products and pricing, but does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. All prices are subject to change at any time.


Sales Tax
ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. is required by law to charge and collect HST sales tax for purchases by Canadian Customers. HST tax will always be charged unless otherwise indicated.

Customer Payment Method & Sales Terms
ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. accepts orders on Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and Open Account. Credit Card will be charged upon order confirmation. Upon approval, ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. offers open accounts to its existing customers with at least three credit references and a banking history upon approval. Terms of payment are net 30.

Delivery & Shipment
In the absence of a specified carrier, ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. will choose a reasonable means of shipment and add the shipping charge to the invoice. Responsibility for shipped product and risk of damage, shortage, delay and loss shall be incumbent upon customer once the designated carrier accepts the shipment. All shipments are carefully packed and comply with carrier specifications. The customer must make all claims for in-transit loss or damage with the carrier. Customer should unpack and inspect all shipments immediately upon receipt. Customer should make a claim for inspection by the carrier’s agent if damage is not obvious until shipment is unpacked.

A Return Manufacturer Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. before Customer returns any Items. Products returned without an RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the shipping carton will be refused. All returns must be prepaid. Returns are subject to inspection.

All images on the ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. site are for illustrative purposes only. All technical specifications are subject to change. Customer is encouraged to visit the product manufacturer’s Web Pages for up-to-date data sheets and product information. ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. is acting as a repair centre of products manufactured by other companies and cannot control the manner or use of these products by Customer after the repair and will not be responsible for consequential or indirect damages. ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose.

Since ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. is only acting as a repair centre of products manufactured by other companies, it expressly limits its liabilities to any guarantees extended by the manufacturer. No warranty will apply if its products are in any way altered or modified after repair.

ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. will not be held liable for delays in delivery or for failure to perform its obligations due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to product allocations, material shortages, labor disputes, transportation delays, unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, acts or omissions of other parties, acts or omissions of civil or military authorities, Government priorities, fire, strikes, floods, severe weather conditions, computer interruptions, terrorism, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, riots, or war. ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. may, at its option, cancel any order or remaining part thereof without liability by giving notice to the Customer. Customer agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. against damages, claims and expenses arising out of subsequent use of products containing components manufactured or represented by ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. and based upon personal injuries, deaths, property damage, lost profits and other matters for which Customer, it’s employees or sub-contractors are or may be to any extent liable. The warranties and remedies provided for herein are available to Customer and shall not extend to any other person.

Entirety of Agreement
This document together with any other documents furnished by ALL TECH-NEEK ELECTRONICS LTD. sets forth the entire agreement between the parties and may not be changed in any way except by written agreement.


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